We all love decorating our homes, but have we ever taken into consideration how the products we use for decorating are harming our nature and degrading our environment? We seldom think of this and just carelessly go ahead, making our homes look good. No doubt, our living space will look beautiful, but at what cost? Do not worry, today we are here to give you some easy to follow tips and suggestions on how you can introduce Eco-friendly habits in your day to day life and switch to an Eco-friendly space of living.

This might not seem like an option that many of you all may consider, but trust us when we say that vintage is the new chic! People love retro or vintage as we call it, and transform their homes into this theme. It makes your home look elegant and also the products that could have been thrown away and turned into extra debris, gets used efficiently and properly. You can find second-hand or already used products online if you search on Google.

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If you have a piece of furniture that has worn out and you are about to throw it away for good, please stop! Consider redesigning the same piece of furniture, be it a chair or a sofa or a study desk. You can polish these furniture items and make them look like new instantly without harming the environment. Throwing away such huge furniture is a threat to nature and ends up ruining our ecosystem. So next time you think about throwing something away, ask yourself first- “How can I redesign this piece of furniture”

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Non-VOC, which is non- Volatile Organic Compounds, is the most common element found in today’s paints. These paints when used in our homes, make the environment of the house non breathable for plants indoors. It also has a lot of toxic chemicals and harmful toxins which can cause pollution on a large scale. But luckily, now there are options for NON-VOC paints available too! So whenever you’re about to paint your home, make sure to demand for these as they help you take one step forward in saving our nature.

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This has got to be the most reasonable, feasible and the easiest bit you can do from your end to turn your home into an eco-friendly space. Have plants grow in your house as they improve the quality of air you breathe in your rooms. You can also dedicate your balcony, a room if you have a spare one or a corner of your room for growing some plants. All you need to do to maintain them is water them daily! You can check our website for some amazing planters which are minimalistic in design and will make a good space for your plants.

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Ever since the plastic ban has been imposed, people are trying to find new and sustainable ways to be included in their lifestyle. Here, we suggest you to replace your plastic vessels with either bamboo or wood ones. They are naturally made and no harm occurs while we use them. Instead, we end up reducing pollution and waste. On you can find coconut shell products as well, which are proudly made in India and swear by sustainability.

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In the same way, we at Design Espacio India has been working with various local sellers to launch our new category where we are promoting “Sustainable, Recycled, Reuse, Green décor” because we believe let sustainability & zero waste lifestyle become a norm and saving planet starts from your home and we strongly encourage to replace all plastic products with sustainable day to day use products.

Our mission is to protect the environment by rescuing and re-purposing things and preventing them from being discarded into landfills/ burnt off. At the same time, we focus on zero waste movement and minimize wasting of natural resources by up-cycling and making home decor and lifestyle products out of existing materials and resources.

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Written by or lead content writer: Kasturi Danekar

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